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                来源:m.inight.cn 2018-10-22 14:00:33
                As a traditional ventilation duct, galvanized iron sheet air duct is generally used in HVAC projects with less environmental requirements. It is suitable for transporting dry and non-corrosive gases. Because of its high noise and long-term insulation effect, galvanized iron sheet air duct may be gradually used as new raw materials in the long run. The ventilation ducts are replaced.
                With the development of market economy, it is necessary to change the raw materials and price of FRP air duct in order to obtain a long-term livelihood and development space.
                Composite fiberglass duct is a new type of ventilation duct presented and used in recent years. Now it has been gradually accepted by people and occupied a large market share. The ventilation duct itself before the overall function has more advantages, the planning is more scientific and reasonable, more humanized, not only the device is convenient to use, but also the function is better. It is economical and applicable, can not only silence, heat preservation, save space, but also can be widely used in different environments, and has a long service life, so it has a long development space.
                With the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous progress of people's knowledge, it will become a universal ventilation duct, occupying a larger market space. In modern society, with the development of industry and the progress of modernization, more and more things and factors affect our physical and mental health.
                Most of the working hours of today's people may be spent in the room, modern skyscrapers are also greatly added, interior decoration caused by indoor pollution, such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, ammonia.
                If the building is equipped with useful ventilation ducts and equipment, then our indoor air can be replaced usefully, which can greatly reduce our exposure to contaminated radiation, and improve our own health. Ventilation and cooling: Because the sun shines on buildings, machinery, equipment, human body and other heat sources, resulting in the need to ventilate the temperature of the place is higher than outdoor.
                现在就国外风机技能开展趋势而言,将沿着风机容量不断增大、高速小型化和低噪音的方向开展。用水帘墙降温体系,水蒸腾吸热原理, 负压通风管道的作业原理,来排出厂房内的废气、污气及免除高温炽热。
                As far as the development trend of foreign fan skills is concerned, it will be carried out along the direction of increasing fan capacity, high speed miniaturization and low noise. The cooling system with water curtain wall, the principle of water transpiration and heat absorption, and the operation principle of negative pressure ventilation pipe are used to discharge the exhaust gas, dirty gas and avoid high temperature and heat.
                In the course of construction, with the people's increasingly demanding day, but also began to have many new requirements, because of this, people began on the construction of ventilation planning will be more and more fond of the idea, ventilation ducts play an important role in day-to-day production, involving a wide range of areas, and white iron sheet. Ventilation pipes are loved for their enhanced beauty, exquisite appearance, exquisite structure, and superior function in line circulation and equipment.
                With more and more people introducing artificial intelligence into our lives, we gradually find that more and more humanized planning is also in line with people's daily experience, so it will be welcomed by people. That's why people are welcome.
                In the quality assurance of Shandong ventilation duct processing, ventilation duct can play its role, so that customers can achieve the desired role in the use of civil construction.
                In the planning stage, each type of work (HVAC, water supply and drainage, power supply and lighting and construction) should first negotiate a good space separation, determine the elevation scale of each type of pipe. Building can be created is very consistent with the humanized planning concept, in which ventilation system planning is indispensable.
                The above content is compiled and released by Shandong Ventilation Pipeline. For more information, please click. Thank you for your appreciation http://m.inight.cn. Thank you for your appreciation.

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